About the Community Law Enforcement Foundation of Morgan Hill

The purpose of The Community Law Enforcement Foundation of Morgan Hill is to support and promote public safety through partnerships that provide resources to help the Morgan Hill Police Department (MHPD) perform at its highest level of service to the community. Morgan Hill Logo

We believe that public safety is the most important service that the city government provides its citizens and we see the foundation as the perfect vehicle for the community to express its support for the police department. We raise money to see that the MHPD has all of the tools and training it needs to be effective and to better serve our community.

The foundation has already raised funds that led to the purchase and training of Pax. Pax is a police dog and he represents the restoration of the police department's canine unit. The foundation continues to raise money to support the dog and his annual training as well as provide food and medical care. Other recent accomplishments include the purchase of a new generator for the MHPD CSI team, a thermal imaging camera, updated training equipment for the K-9 unit and providing funds to support the MHPD's Parent Project.

The foundation is a sustaining organization that will operate for years to come. We work closely with the MHPD's administration to align our fundraising efforts with equipment and services not currently covered by the City budget. One of the foundation's goals is to raise funds for an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) pilot whereby 5-6 patrol cars will be outfitted with the devices. Should the pilot prove successful we will continue efforts to ensure that every department vehicle contains one of these life saving devices. Other goals include Flash Cams to deter graffiti, VieView cameras for officers and funds to cover start up costs of the new Volunteers in Policing program.